GO FROM F*CKED UP TO FORKED UP… in just 90 days

THE  Online Coaching Programme For Hospitality Business Owners Wanting More Time, More Profit And Less Stress

Learn how to take your hospitality business to the next level whilst eliminating overwhelm and actually spending more time with your friends and family.

Join award-winning chef, Calum Richardson, for 90 days in his signature, step-by-step programme for increasing productivity and boosting your bottom line without losing your sh*t.

Calum is so confident he can help you, Forked Up comes with a money back guarantee.

"I joined Forked Up 90 because I’m looking to push myself and therefore my business, to be one of the best takeaway fish & chip shops in the country.

Whilst it’s hospitality based it’s about personal growth, the right mindset, setting and achieving those goals.

Calum is always there to keep you accountable and offer advice from his wealth of experience.

The biggest win was setting goals. I set out 4 goals and I’ve exceeded everyone of them."

Director, The Fishbank

"I joined Forked Up 90 because I felt I needed help on personal development, me and my wife run fairly successful business but felt chained to the shop and was missing out on family time with no real end goal to work to.

We have clear goals to work to now, family and business. A big part of that is how we now are handling staff and management.

Calum is a great guy, tells it as it is, no messing and knowledgeable. Always on hand when we’ve needed help and someone I feel there is always something to learn from."

Director, Finneys


Calum Richardson

Calum Richardson is the owner of the multi award-winning fish & chip shop, The Bay, and mobile catering company, The Bay On The Road.

He has over 25 years’ experience in the industry, which he dove into after a career in the Royal Navy.

Calum is passionate about helping fellow hospitality business owners as he has been there, done that. You might feel your pain is unique; whether that’s to revenue, staff, your family…. But Calum will have hands-on experience, which he has turned into clear strategies to help you avoid that struggle.



Are you ready to take your hospitality business to the next level?

Then welcome to Forked Up! This is where you’ll find inspiration, accountability, motivation and a sh*t load of fun with your peer group.

On my exclusive programme, we’ll collectively dream big and work smart to achieve our goals.

Whether you’re planning on opening a food & drink business or you need to make your established business work better for you, Forked Up is the best programme around. I’ve spent considerable time and money learning from the best over the years, and have condensed it into my exclusive 90-day programme.

Learn how to get better-focused on what matters and what doesn’t, so you become more energised and productive.

Learn how to embrace the power of delegation, letting go of stuff that other people should be doing and instantly buying you more time.

Learn how to create an amazing work/life balance, as this is the hardest thing in our game, right? Believe me, I’ve been there.

Learn the easiness of goal-setting when you know how, meaning you have a clear path rather than going around in circles like your competitors.

I’d love to share all this with you. So why not book your free Discovery Call today?

What have you got to lose?



Ready to begin an unforgettable business and life changing journey?

Sign-up for Calum’s 90-day programme and take the first step towards being the best version of yourself.


Learn the exact techniques that Calum uses to achieve six-figure months. Without losing his sanity.

Calum is one of the most straight-talking fellas you’ll ever meet. Clarity is key for your progress.

You’re more likely to hit a goal when you’ve made yourself accountable. What gets measured gets managed.


You won’t be asked for another penny during your 90 days. Forked Up is 100% about learning.


Big words and guru speak may sound fancy but they won’t make your boat go faster.


Everything Calum shares with you has been tried and tested. He’s gone through the pain, so you don’t have to.

"I have joined Forked Up 90 because I want to take my life and business to a whole higher level. I want to be in control. Calum Richardson is an inspiration and a great support and mentor. My favourite thing about the programme is the structure and support given to help me achieve my goals and objectives.

My top wins have been: Daily journaling and facing the challenges I had instead of hiding away. Opening myself up to accountability. As a self-employed business owner, I am my own boss. By holding myself to account through the programme my life has and will benefit greatly."

Director, Key Financial Advisors LLP

Food & Drink Sector

You also get these JUICY bonuses….


Forked Up journal


Official Forked Up swag


My Life In Weeks poster


Spend a day at The Bay



Calum is a highly successful business owner, who started at the bottom and worked his way through the ranks.

You love your work but you’d value more time off too… without worrying about the business burning down.

You’ve taken some knocks and deep down you know that you’re not driving the business as confidently as you could be.


The programme is fun but you need to do the work. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.


If you can’t make the decisions in the business you’re in, Forked Up won’t be suitable for you.


Some people want help but can’t be helped. If you’re not willing to have an open mind, please don’t apply.

BUT… you need to act NOW

How long can your business carry on the way it is?

Do the people who matter to you get the “leftovers” of your time?

Are you stuck in the hamster wheel of business ownership?

Calum is so confident he can help you, Forked Up comes with a money back guarantee.

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